August 09, 2019

L2Phoenix is ​​an emulated server of the Lineage 2 High Five game. Our main goal is to provide players with fun while keeping the original gameplay to the best of the practicality of a PVP server, with no fully balanced editions and classes, and one key differentiator: totally free. In the Shop you will find miscellaneous items including Armors, Weapons, Jewels and ACC for all classes. All items can be purchased without any monetary reward (donation) to the server.

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Registration and Download
Registration Already Released and Download Will Be Released Soon.
09 August, 2019
Expected 500+ Players
Greetings, the Lineage 2 Phoenix 250x is expected to hit +500 players online simultaneously, as the quality grid implemented in every server detail, based on many years of industry...
09 August, 2019

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